Welcome to the Young Family Website. Our Grandfather, Clyde Douglas Young, left our family with a legacy that we are very proud of and one we desire to pass on to our children. Clyde was a man of faith.
2008 Young Family Reunioin Mountainside LodgeMountainside Lodge
Remember this Lodge? This was the very first lodge we stayed in at our first reunion back in 1987. (A mere 21 years ago). Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think Glenda and Yvonne were the ones who started this whole reunion thing. I’m glad they cared enough about the bond of our family to spend the time and energy it took to lay the foundation for our 1st of soon to be 8 family reunions! I’d like to know who has made it to all the reunions up to this point. Dave and I have. Justin has made it to the last 6 out of 7. (Of course he wasn’t born before for the 1st one). Garrett has made it to 5. I want to hear from you if you have made it to all the reunions so far.